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100M Revolt Tokens (RVLT) were issued
Minimum purchase $ 1000 USD
15% are reserved to the Foundation Team
Price 1 RVLT = 1 USD

You can buy RVLT using US Dollars, Bitcoin or Ethereum

If you pay using cryptocurrencies, please send to the following addresses:

Bitcoin: bc1qjp9rgxvjh5s5yavdu4qpnvsz5m5zka8nau9cn4
Ethereum: 0x9346EE49603618AEc7e12A8610F75df8EC80BFc2


Revolt Token (RVLT) is conceived on the assumption that blockchain technology has already been implemented and established a fundamental underlying technological protocol that can now be universally utilized to build improved social contracts with specific objectives.
Several publicly available references now exist that detail the underlying technological protocol that empowers the creation of cryptocurrencies to advance social contracts emphasizing a systematic cooperation on property rights, equal access, value and transparency.
Herein, a specific social contract is detailed that builds upon the founding principles of systematic cooperation.
RevoltTOKEN benefits all those participating directly in the contract in addition to inherently providing a multifaceted universal benefit imperative to the ongoing democratization of economic equity and environmental responsibility.



The return on investment potential from delivering technology innovation to developing economic populations will be unbeatable for the next 100 years. Approximately 1.2 billion people today live in the developed economies of North American and Europe. With a global population of 7.7 billion, that leaves some 6.5 billion people living in regions of the world underserved by current technological capacities. Technology innovation that, for instance, improves energy efficiency and, in turn, increases access to power and transportation within developing economic countries can deliver Rockefeller returns to the investors backing the innovation. The current state of investment innovation backed by blockchain technology opens access to such investment opportunities to anyone with an internet connection. RevoltTOKEN (RVLT) is introducing a blockchain enabled cryptocurrency specifically for the purpose of providing everyone the opportunity to invest in the development and delivery of electric mobility technology innovation in Africa.


RevoltToken is Ethereum based

The Etherereum platform and blockchain is the most reliable existing blockchain and is supported by the Ethereum Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance based in the USA with members like:
Intel, Microsoft, Mastercard, BBVA, The Bank of New York Mellon, Santander Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, ING Bank, Itau Bank, Fedex Corporate, Accenture, Pricewaterhousecoopers, Ernst & Young,
among others.

Revolt Token Smart Contract

Contract Ethereum Address: 0xde865ED1C50E753D248a0f2c9C5AE02b9E41B6Ae
Can be checked at Etherscan and any other standard tool

You can manage Revolt Token from your mobile phone, tablet or computer

Using Free Wallets & Tools
You can hold and manage the tokens at your mobile phone
You can send and receive RVLT globally, instantly, non expensively and anonymously 
Forensic analysis resilient, in case of robbery or impounding you can transfer the full control of the accounts to other wallets, if needed


Revolt Token is supported by the Trust wallet

Hold, receive and send RVLT from your Android or iPhone mobile
Trust is a distributed wallet

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