Buy using Credit/Debit Cards

You can purchase RVLT Tokens with a debit or credit card. The process is simple and from the safety of your own Trust Wallet.

1. Open your Trust Wallet App
2. On the top part of the App press Buy
3. Select either Bitcoin or Ethereum
4. Next select Buy Bitcoin or Buy Ethereum and purchase the desired amount. We suggest you purchase slightly more than our minimum purchase amount ($1000) in order to cover the network transfer fees.
5. Trust Wallet uses two merchant processors, MoonPay or Simplex, select either one and press Next. This will send you to the Merchant Processor payment interface.
6. Follow the prompts and complete your purchase of either Bitcoin or Ethereum.
7. Once you receive the coins you can now transfer the desired purchase amount of RVLT by sending the coins to our receiving wallets. You can do directly from your Trust Wallet. The addresses are available on the Purchase option when you login into you Buyers profile on the website.
8. Once you complete your transfer, copy the hash and confirm the amount sent on the Purchase section in your Buyer profile.

We will confirm receipt and proceed to send the RVLT Tokens to you.